Congratulations to the Northern California Chapter!

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NorCal RCI SoCal RCI Boundaries

StartFragmentRCI, Inc. is pleased to announce the establishment of the newest affiliated chapter: The Northern California (NorCal) Chapter of RCI. The NorCal Chapter, previously a branch of the So Cal Chapter, has been approved by the RCI Board of Directors. This newest chapter was formed with the support and guidance of the RCI So Cal Chapter. After months of organizing and recruiting top-notch leaders, the Northern California Chapter of RCI is now a full chapter, operating independently from the So Cal Chapter, and ready to provide enhanced benefits and services to RCI members in the area. The Northern California Chapter of RCI is currently planning several events including Technical Dinners; 2nd Annual Golf Tournament; and has launched its new website.EndFragment

“We couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t) have done it without RCI So Cal Chapter leadership and support.”

– Jerome Jeffers II, RBEC, CCS, CCCA Vice-President of the Northern California Chapter of RCI

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